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Psychologists hate us!! We give free therapy and comfort to MILLIONS!! Learn the truth now!!

Meeki ~ !!


**New post 7:33 a.m:** Hi I'm Mesmer or Meeki, whichever you prefer!! This site is currently a work in progress since it's our first!! so welcome to our little internet space

About me ~ !!

  • we go by okultra, yata, mesmer, and meeki!! our pronouns are also listed above!! no they/them!!
  • we are minors;; mixed;; and mentally ill /hj
  • i am;; these people here
  • Before you interact ~ !!

  • we are mentally ill and have lots of anxiety so please use tonetags and ask before dming or friending us, thank you!!
  • be patient and use tone tags with me plz..i do tend to have a typing quirk from time to time, pls dont point it out unless you want a translation